Grand Hearing Center - "The ear is the road to the heart." Voltaire

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September 2016

Available to purchase:
Service Policy covers in house repairs, cleaning, otoscopy and canal wax removal, batteries
one easy yearly policy
$125 year/person


                            806 288 8585
            806 438 8270

Mention you saw this and receive a
$1000 discount on a Pair of Hansaton JAM "9"  level hearing aids. 
(excludes other offers or coupons)
Ex 9/30/2016

Two locations
3819 24th St Lubbock (Mon/Thurs/Fri)                 806 438 8270

812 W 8th 11-B Plainview Tues/Wed 9-5             806 288 8585
FAX for both 806 288-1595

Our mission statement is very simple:
We desire to help you hear and understand to the best of our ability.

We offer FREE hearing screenings, and we encourage everyone to have an annual baseline screening, so you can note any changes that might occur.

We are proud to offer you many different brands and technologies of hearing instruments.  Phonak  Unitron  Hansaton  Starkey and Siemens have recently been added to our products.

All manufacturers offer additional devices to add to your hearing benefits.  Bluetooth streamers for clarity on the phone, and the ease of hands free communication, remote controls TV links remote microphones.  In addition we offer products that are completely unlinked to a hearing aid system: TV Ears, TV speakers, pocket talkers, amplified telephones, landline amplifiers, Tablets (like an I-Pad) for two way communication.  Many of these items are free to you,

We publish a monthly column in the Plainview Herald answering your many questions.

We are providers for the STAP program offering FREE amplified landline telephones and Tablets (like an I Pad) for those with a hearing impairment. 
                                        Call to see if you qualify

We are providers for many 3rd party organizations that assist people in the acquisition of hearing aids.  Many riders on your insurance policy offer discounts (Hear USA, Hearing Care Solutions, Tru Hearing).  DARS is a state agency that helps those with hearing loss. We also provide a "bill of sale" with all the information for you to make claims on your insurance. 
                                        We welcome your questions.

We also care about the little ones and their hearing.  We screen newborns for their very first hearing evaluation.

We honor our competitors advertisements.  Bring them in and we will look them over with you.

We Thank our Veterans, and will clean your hearing aids at NO COST

Hearing devices  come in different levels of technologies.  The very basic level, standard, advanced premium and ultra.  As the technology level increases, so does the performance in the hearing quality of the instrument.  Most all of the levels are digital, with automatic functions that adapt to your environment of sound.  We would be happy to explain the differences.  The first step, is to have a current hearing screening, and at GAND HEARING this is a FREE service.

Proud to service ALL brands. 
 Proud to demonstrate other brands. 
We especially feel that
Phonak  Unitron  Hansaton and Starkey are exceptional in quality. 

If you see one of competitors ads--we can probably match it or beat it .Call to find out.

 Call today with your questions.

Oh by the way,
Did we mention how very proud we are of our Grandbabies?  We will gladly show you their newest photos. 

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